There is buzz, as Antoine Fuqua will direct a remake of the classic 1983 film Scarface. However, fans of the movie may be little weary. Fuqua is no stranger to action flicks and has directed some great ones such as Training Day and the recent Magnificent Seven. Like Magnificent Seven the remake of Scarface will come with some skepticism. Classics are not easy remakes. The big question is, should they be made in the first place?

According to Variety, Fuqua has brought in Terence Winter to work the new  screenplay. He brings some credibility to the project, as he penned the Wolf of Wall Street. Also he wrote for the great cable mobster dramas of the Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. His cred in the mobster genre may add to the latest draft of Scarface written by Jonathan Herman. According to Variety, Winter is on board to polish the script. The reason for this is that he is an expert in creating mobster-type characters because he can draw from experiences of actually knowing real-life crime personalities. According to sources, Universal sought out his help for this anticipated remake for that reason.

Antoine Fuqua and Terence Winter For New Scarface Project


The news of Winter on board may change cynicism in the planned reboot of the 80’s classic. Scarface is a classic that is violence and cocaine filled and, surprisingly, did not garner Al Pacino even an Oscar nomination. Maybe Winter can get some of his mobster buddies to help out in some input into the script.

The new Scarface reboot is in development and no actors have been cast and there is no set premier. One more thing we can be pretty sure about is Fuqua won’t lean on Denzel Washington as the lead. Training Day and Magnificent Seven Yes. A new Scarface, No. Sure, he has range, but playing Tony Montana as a young Cuban immigrant may be stretching it a little. We’ll keep you posted on the Scarface project, which is sure to be a big one.