Whenever Usain Bolt Sets his foot on track,he makes even his record. He is the fastest man on the planet and this gives him pride whether in cameras or not. Every time when he is at the starting line for a race the predictions are obvious and Bolt maintains his record.

usain bolt 2
After winning every race, all eyes were on Usain on the Men’s 100m final on Saturday night. He was once again on track with USA’s Justin Gatlin who won bronze against him in the 2012 London olympics. But bolt still took home Gold in the final events round. In Rio’s first round 100m race, Gatlin took the day in a 10.04 seconds record.

In the semi final Gatlin beat his first record with a record of 9.94 seconds. Bolt recorded 10.07 seconds in the first race and in the semifinal he did 9.86 seconds. The two speed rivals are again on the block to prove who is the fastest. Gatlin took an early lead, but bolt in super sonic speed took him out with a clear 0.08 with an overall finishing time of 9.81 seconds. Gatlin finished in 9.89 seconds and Canada’s Andre De Grasse was third in 9.91 seconds.

usain bolt 4Bolt holds a record of winning the 100m race three time in a row in the olympics history. Reaction are high on Twitter seeing Bolt make dim his past competition for his historic victory.