Female rappers have come along way since the days of MC Lyte, Salt N’ Pepa and Queen Latifah. Nevertheless, you would be pretty hard pressed to argue that any female rapper has been more successful than Nicki Minaj. Face it, Nicki owns the 21 st century.

I doesn’t matter if she’s laying law on her own tracks or coming to show n’ prove on someone else’s song, it’s pretty clear any song is gold when Nicki is holding the mic. I guess, her bodacious body and absolutely sex appeal doesn’t hurt either. To prove our point, we’ve listed 10 of Nicki’s hottest gifs with 10 of her hottest rap lyrics. You tell us if we’re wrong:

10. When Nicki Minaj said, “That’s why I’m crowned queen, and I ain’t looking for the prom king.”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F2sqMQXCmG4gKKGmO4em6sy%2Ff041ce9805bd9ee0fe89d08cc98e3fb2%2F19-nicki-minaj

09. When Nicki Minaj said, “Tell your man play the back like a spine, he only last 6 seconds like a vine.”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F2VdFUKefQkMCY88OWo8A2Y%2Fe02b6b6b3d3beee2b1fbccd4a4f2c123%2F06-nicki-minaj

08. When Nicki Minaj said, “You can hate me, but why knock my hustle, I’ma be the queen no matter how they shuffle”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F3Ix3gzFgQMyguwqOCsO6aG%2F1b7d623e194362ac6c18ebf6764bf82a%2F22-nicki-minaj

07. When Nicki Minaj said, “I’m in Hollywood w. Shia Labeouf, most of you rappers ain’t eating, that diet is rough”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F3WIMmTEyPS84wk4gWecKka%2F8ecee3589a77fdbbc02223cbca91db82%2F04-nicki-minaj

06. When Nicki Minaj said, “Yo, I’ll be back at 11, You just act like a peasant, Got a bow on my panties because my ass is a present.”

05. When Nicki Minaj said, “I don’t fuck with dem chicken, unless they last night is cutlets”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F5aZDNV5HDaqyeQk2oMQUg6%2F9fea095960381d3066c380af050f0140%2F12-nicki-minaj

04. When Nicki Minaj said, “He toss my salad like his name Romaine”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F5qnRYQYmf6amw2W4s6KIQW%2F19cb3a2d5ebe130015afd3e4f268afcc%2F14-nicki-minaj

03. When Nicki Minaj said, “These hoe couldn’t test me, even if they names was pop quiz”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F6tq8QYcWOs0mQ8YSo2GW2q%2Fb821de538e458f632c5c138d40c03336%2F23-nicki-minaj

02. When Nicki Minaj said, “He wants to pound it like a hashtag!”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F7kPlU2SiFGoukeyUM60wg%2Fc6023ded7affb7129d43f89b8ee23e23%2F01-nicki-minaj

02. When Nicki Minaj said, “If I’m fake, I aint notice cause my money aint”c_limit,fl_lossy,q_80,w_480%2Fhttp-%2F%2Fimages-origin.playboy.com%2Fogz4nxetbde6%2F18Ax8dUSN6ogAoiwwgoGoq%2F5ee4bf2d7fb666d2c414f7fec4d67a55%2F09-nicki-minaj

As you can clearly see, there’s no denying Nicki is one of the best in game. She’s taking over where other left off, and moved the bar way beyond where it was for female rappers, beauty and sex appeal.