Scandals have long been an Olympic tradition, and it seems that the 2016 summer games is no exception. The games already have their first steamy sex scandal, and to make matters worse it involves the Women’s synchronized diving team of the host country.

Yes, it appears that there’s a reason why Brazil’s own Giovanna Pedrosa (17) and Ingrid Oliveira (20) performed so poorly at last week’s synchronized diving competition. It has come to light that their pitiful last place performance owes to the fact that Oliveira was up all night for hours having intensely physical sex with fellow Brazilian Olympian and canoeist Pedro Goncalves.

Ask any world-class athlete and they’ll tell you that abstaining from sex the night before a major competition is crucial to mental and physical preparation, so it’s bad enough that Oliveira was up all night getting it on when she should have been resting. To make matters far worse, however, it appears that in order to not disturb her marathon lovemaking session Oliveira also kept her teammate Pedrosa locked out of the Olympic Village dormitory they also shared all night.


The two girls were noticeably tired, cranky, and out of sync during their two woman dive. One Brazilian commentator even characterized their display of diving as being “pathetic”. There were high hopes for the pair of Pedrosa and Oliveira, given that they’d won the silver medal at last year’s Panamerican Games in Toronto. However, it appears that this latest incident is just the latest in a series of events that have seen the relationship of the two young divers unravel over the past year.

For Pedrosa, being locked out of her room the night before the biggest event of her life has been the final straw, and she has vowed to never compete together with Oliveira ever again.