Ok, so who does not like a very comfy chair? Yeah, everybody digs them and to the tune of $26,000 you can get the comfiest one on the market in the Elysium Chair. This chair for 26 large is one that has a frictionless system, whatever that means. With the design the chair designer makes the claim that it will make a person feel like they are floating in zero-gravity. A fully reclined chair is when this feeling occurs.  While we have no idea how this chair works we know it costs a pretty penny. On top of that it is totally captivating.

26K For a Elysium Chair?

Obviously, you can use the Elysium Chair any where in the house. Well, house or man cave doing whatever you do on them besides sit such as watch the tube, surf the web, or to read your favorite mag or a good book. Basically, while it has the zero-gravity feel put the chair wherever you want, well, a chair.  When purchasing an Elysium Chair what you are really paying for is the reclining function. This will allow you to fall into utter relaxation and you will end up getting to the 25-degree angle. At this point there is an even pressure distribution with the sheer approaching zero. This brings about an experience of a body high.

Elysium Chair

Designer David Hugh states that the feeling of being at the 25-degree angle is very much like the feeling of a weightless environment, or basically zero gravity. There is a lever that allows you recline it and it also has a locking action. This is key since it will allow you to lock the chair in place once you have found your sweet spot.

The Elysium Chair has a mix of carbon fiber, milled aluminum, and stainless steel. The seat is cut from molded viscoelastic foam. The chair has upholsty is made up of fine Scandinavian leather, which only will add to it’s opulence.  For $26,000 the chair will be customized specifications after a consultation. So a chair that is $26,000 is obviously pretty pricey. However, can you put a price on total bliss and the feeling of zero gravity while on the ground?