Once upon a time, electric sports cars were more a source of curiosity than a bewildering speed machine that other sports cars are known for. Today, with the Tesla Model S P100D, those days seem to be long gone. The new sports car from renowned entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk’s company comes with an acceleration that is literally comparable to some of the fastest production vehicles ever built.

The Tesla Model S P100D boasts of an acceleration rate of zero to 60 in just 2.5 seconds; that is huge for an electric auto machine. In fact, that places the new supercar in the same category as the likes of Ferrari’s LaFerrari and Porsche’s 918 Spyder, yet the two powerful machines’ prices border on seven figures or something very close to it.


Compare those prices with what the Tesla Model S P100D is going for (a “paltry” US$134,500 for a super electric vehicle) and you will see why it is truly the greatest production car of our time!

Among the key factors that contribute to the Tesla Model S P100D’s enhanced speed at that low pricing model is its brand new 100kWh battery. With that, the car’s performance range is also extended to a whopping 315 miles before recharging. As with previous electric machines, this car also comes with the optional Ludicrous Mode that enables the huge bump in speed to be achieved.

However, people who currently own the Model S will not be required to trade in their vehicles in order to enjoy the enhanced performance since they will be able to get their existing cars to P100D specifications by simply doing a battery replacement and upgrading the controlling software provided their Model S vehicles have the Ludicrous Mode.

For the owners of Model X, Tesla hasn’t forgotten you because you can also upgrade your existing road machines to the new battery pack too to enhance their range and performance as well.