This yacht is built to be a speedboat, but its aesthetics suggest otherwise. If you’re a fan of secret agent movies, then you’re forgiven for comparing this speedboat to a secret agent warcraft. On the contrary, the Supersports Gilder 18 Yacht is simply built to look magnificent inside and outside. This trendy boat offers both luxury and speed. They coupled alongside a stylish look only equitable to images found in classy comic analogies.


A moment, though, have you ever taken a look at the America cup in the event times. The exotic racing yachts that feature heavily rely on colossal carbon foils. These catamaran-styled foils ensure that the speedboats actual hull remain above water. In turn, it keeping the water’s viscous drag minimal and the boat’s aerodynamics optimal. If you thought they are amazing, then wait till you see how the Glider rides over them.


What further makes the Supersports Gilder 18 Yacht interesting is the manner in which it combines the lifted 17-foot wide cockpit with engine’s quartet that totals 1,080 horsepower. At each of its side are aerodynamic hulls that allow the speedboat to cruise the water at speeds of up to 56 knots, amazing, is it not? But wait, that’s not all, there is a hyper sports version that comes with 3,400-horsepower boosting the boat’s speed to a maximum of 96 knots.


Did I mention that in 3.5 seconds, the boat can transition from 0 – 60 knots, well, it does. Some of its top features include open deck sized that can accommodate both the pilot and four additional guests. The seats’ materials combine Corbeau leather and Alcantara giving them an executive appearance. Lastly, the super sound system couples the touchscreen display used for navigational control. The Glider 18  wows anyone with an eye for beautiful things. Although they don’t list price, it is available upon request.