As an avid extreme sport fan and participate in several different disciplines, I have always struggled with getting first-hand footage of my every move. This is because no matter how good a cameraman is with a camera, they really can only do so much.

However, I recently came across the Staaker, one superb drone that has solved several challenges I have tried to deal with over the years. An intelligent drone that maps out the perfect and most efficient flight path based on movement, it is the ideal filming drone for sports athletes from a third-person Point Of View.

With a wrist mounted controller, the Staaker will follow your location from five different and autonomous flight modes as well as various parameters like distance and height. This drone is perfect for other scouting agents for clubs, coaches who want to evaluate the performance of individual athletes, sports teams and sponsoring companies or anyone who wants to take amazing footage of almost any sport.


Another reason why I highly recommend this drone is the fact that you can attach your own GoPro on the three-axis gimbal. Available at $1,200 on preorder, the Staaker lives up to its name, stake out!