Issue 17 (Digital)


FOXTAIL Magazine is the ultimate men’s magazine featuring the hottest glamour models and video vixens. Everyone talks a good game about diversity, but FOXTAIL is all about that! Between our sheets, you will find a special blend of unique women on every page.



FOXTAIL MAGAZINE ISSUE NO. 17: Jessica Kelly Cover. FEATURING MODELS: Dose of Drea, Griselda Blanco, Christina Fox, Tateyanna Sade, Eve Monroe, Eva D. Rabbit, Jessica Kelly, Carmen Nichole, Killie, Niesha Sanders, Sophia, and Khiara

FEATURING PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Martell Jr. Photography, DVS Visuals, Lorenzo Smith, Krys Anthony Photography, BJ Colton, Casper Munoz, Ralph Lenard, Da Real Safado Studios, Alcove Photography, Brandon Foster Photography, DeyDey Photography, Teddy B of The Lab Photography


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