Until recently, I never pictured American basketballers such as Jimmy Butler and Carmelo Anthony looking stylish on the court. However, I saw a totally different picture of the athletes during the just concluded Rio Olympics.


Rocking white, red and blue “Team USA” Air Jordan 31 sneakers, the basket-ballers looked very fashionable on the court and this kept me wondering if the shoes would ever make it to the streets. They are stylish and built for the hard court and aggressive play.


Latest rumors suggest that the “Team USA” Air Jordan 31 sneakers will be available in the market in their original form. They will feature the “Wings” logo which is Jordan’s signature mark, and the iconic Nike Swoosh trademark.


I’ve come to learn that the sneakers are made from a revolutionary flyweave material that is quite light and strong and will feature colorful marks that will remind you of the Rio Olympics. The kicks looked amazing on the Brazilian Courts imagine adorning them on the streets?



There’s also a Brazil colorway out there, but we’re bias and favor these ones.