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Lucy Mecklenburgh is everything you could ever dream of when you dream of a dream girl. She first rose to fame appearing in the 10th seasons of “The Only Way is Essex” from 2010-2013. The show is a BAFTA award-winning scripted reality soap opera based in Brentwood, England. It was this show where she met ex-fiancé Mario Falcone.

In real life, Lucy Mecklenburgh is nothing like her character in the show. Lucy is also a notable model, appearing in world-renowned magazines such as FHM, Fabulous, Your Fitness, Glamour. She also has her own “Lucy’s Boutique” fashion collection, which sells many top brands as well as Lucy’s own branded product.

Lucy seems to do it all as she also runs her own fitness company called “Results With Lucy”. It has almost everything you need to help you work out, including feature-length video workouts (HIIT, Circuit, Dance, Yoga and etc.), music, a mind-set program, a juice detox plan, and what not. Whatever it is, Lucy Mecklenburgh seems to do it all!