I love cooking for my large family. Dinner time is the family time in our home. Some of the favorite meals in our home are pork chops, steak, rib chops, and fish fillet. If you are like me, seasoning is a huge challenge. With conventional seasoning, you either soak it or rather it with seasoning that always spills out and you are left with a partially seasoned steak or with seasoning that has not penetrated to the inside of the steak.


I have good news! We surfing around the Internet and we found Seasoning Stixs and decide to do a review. These sticks require you to stick them into whatever piece of meat you are cooking. When the meat’s temperature hits 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the sticks begin to melt and liquefy as it gets absorbed into the meat’s fibers. You are left with a well seasoned and flavored piece of steak. The first time I made a steak for dinner at home, my hubby, two athletic sons and my daughter demanded for a second helping. The idea is to evenly space the sticks at intervals of two to three inches for a consistently flavored piece of meat.


Seasoning Stixs will have four flavors available during their launch; Thai satay, classic garlic, herbs de Provence, and backyard barbecue. Unlike other seasoning, these sticks stay solid until the meat’s water has been displaced which allow the meat to better absorb the flavor. Seasoning Stixs is currently running a Kickstarter campaign where the pledge reserve per unit is at $45. I highly recommend to any mother, father, chef, or anyone who loves to whip a world-class piece of steak to get these sticks. You will be making yummy meals from now henceforth.