Ever thought of Yohji Yamamoto collaborating with Adidas? Well, I just learned that these two entities have been working on project that will come as a surprise to many. In fact, rumors have it that many people are waiting anxiously to own this piece of artistic work.


Adidas Y-3

Imagine an all-white pared-back Stan Smith sneaker featuring a zipper on each side. This is what came of the Yohji –Adidas collaboration that saw the creation of the Y-3 Stan Zip sneaker. Truth is this iconic kick has certainly become bolder and elegant. Not only is the sneaker ultra-sleek but also brings out an eye-popping appeal that will have people’s gaze fixated a on your feet.


Adidas Y-3

Going by speculations and unconfirmed unofficial reports, Y-3 Stan Zip sneaker will feature in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2016 lineup. Once launched into the market, the sneaker will retail for about $290. Anyone wanting to look cool and trendy in a unique way will find it worthwhile to own a pair of the Y-3 Stan Zip kicks.