There are few women who influence lives football players on the field, but Kate Upton is now one of them. So much has been said about this lady in past articles, so there is no need to repeat, but all in all, she is amazing. Jacksonville Jaguars is a very popular team in the NFL and they have started using Kate Upton as an on-field code. It is actually believed to motivate the players. During a game against New York Jets, Jaguar’s quarterback was heard shouting Kate’s name.

Most players use signals in the pitch to communicate to one another, especially for quarterbacks. Another example is that of the retired Peyton Manning, he used to shout “Ohama”. Kate Upton is a better code when you think about it. It’s a source of motivation in that when someone hears that name and thinks of the person in question, her body and its perfect shape gets more energy to slam the opponent. All fans do hope that this trend spreads across the league and that names of supermodels will be used all through.