BMW 2002 Turbo became the first car in Europe to incorporate turbocharging technology. It was a great milestone in the production of “real” sports car giving birth to turbocharged cars. In the history of BMW car’s production, BMW 2002 Turbo is considered to be one of the most important cars that BMW has ever produced.

According to Adrian Van Hooydonk, the vice president of BMW group design, the BMW 2002 made their brand the way it is now. Its success prompted the company to come up with homage design.

bmw-2002-hommage-concept-inline1-originalKarim Habib, head of design at BMW automobiles, reiterate the significant impact that BMW turbo technology had and how they have been able to capture this in their homage design. The design and its color scheme evoke sweet memories of the classic 2002 turbo. Speak of the yellow-tinted headlights, the massive chin spoiler, and the horizontal carbon band; they all plays a significant role in the mimicking of 2002 Turbo.

Additionally, the homage edition boasts of the robust and aesthetically designed feature. These features include the wheel arches that enhance the air flow while maintaining the Turbo 2002 look, the rear wings for aerodynamics purposes, the carbon band and the three bulging lines that runs across the car.